• The Peacock Who Wanted to Fly Like an Eagle

    The Peacock who wanted to Fly like an Eagle, written and illustrated by Mama Suranya is a marvellous story of a little Peacock called Piku who wishes to fly like his friend the “Little Eagle”. Unaware of his own talent and worth Piku feels neglected and depressed as he watches the little eagle soar higher and higher every day until he becomes a dot in the sky.

    But one fine Rainy day as the clouds roared “ Dharram Dharram Dharam!”  Piku’s life takes a 360-degree turn when Mama Peacock  and Papa Peacock give him the surprise of his life and he realizes his real worth.

    Inspired by Indian paintings the illustrations take you on a splendid tour of the life in “Madhuvan Gardens”. Whereas similes such as “ Muchhas of Ravana”  add to the beauty of the narration.

    Drenched in the petrichor of India this book is a must-have for every child.


    Gopa Trivedi

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