• Little Eyes by Katsumi Komagata

    During 1990-1992, Komagata created “LITTLE EYES” series for his daughter Ai Komagata. He realised that the new born babies are unable to distinguish colours, yet, they respond to contrast and simple shapes. He started with basic shapes in black and white, progressing to colour and then to concepts.   The craft, concept, graphics, colours, paper, and the quality of print is awe inspiring. It is by far the most creative interventions that I have experienced in the space of printing.

    Innovation is in the format. Small sized square books, meant for tiny hands, doesn’t bind you to a pre-bound format instead each page is an accordion fold and can be used in isolation or in combination to create a story, an installation and whatever else the mind can conceive. You can observe it from different angles and can create games too.

    Check out the tiles:
    Little Eyes No 1: First Look
    Little Eyes No 2: Meet Colours
    Little Eyes No 3: Play With Colours
    Little Eyes No 4: One For Many
    Little Eyes No 5: 1 to 10
    Liitle Eyes No 6: What color?
    Little Eyes No 7: The Animals
    Little Eyes No 8: Friends In Nature
    Little Eyes No 9: Walk & Look
    Little Eyes No 10: Go Around

    Enjoy the series!

    -Ritu Khod

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