Art Education Rountables 2019

Art Education Roundtables 2019 is a platform to collectively voice our concerns about the condition of art education in India and also to chart out a newer direction for it. The task is not easy, and we need to bring in diverse perspectives and stakeholders to address the crisis in order to create an ideal future for art education. In our attempt to bring together diverse voices and opinions, AER 2019 will travel to 7 cities in this edition culminating in the annual seminar in Delhi. These roundtables will happen in different cities of India, both metros and two-tier cities, and will feature important art historians, curators, scholars, pedagogues, writers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, etc. These roundtables are not conceptualized as passive panel discussions but rather as active interactions with the stakeholders. This year the AER will be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Guwahati.  These roundtables and the annual seminar will redefine the existing arts curriculum and promote an integrated art education which will develop visual thinking, inner expressions, context specific learnings, cultural sensitivity, self-reflection, creativity and innovative thinking.

The annual seminar on art education is organized in the memory of noted artist and pedagogue Tushar Joag who passed away in 2018. Apart from his remarkable art and activist career, Tushar was also actively part in developing arts curriculum at the school and higher education level. This seminar takes its inspiration from Tushar’s passionate advocacy for art education as an integral part of the growth of children and youngsters. The annual seminar on art education will take place in December 2019 in New Delhi. This seminar will invite research papers from scholars, feature panel discussions of experts from India and abroad, film screenings, workshops for art teachers and children. The objective of this seminar is to bring together arrange of voices to collectively put together a vision for the future of art education in India. Through this seminar we will be able to put forth a White Paper which will be used as a blueprint to emphasise on the necessity of art education and its implementation. This will be circulated to various ministries, government bodies, educational committees and bodies, educational institutions, research institutes, and universities.

This annual seminar will foreground the following vision:

  • accessible arts education as a fundamental and sustainable component of a continuous cultural education.
  • use the principles of arts education to resolve the social and cultural challenges facing today’s world.
  • promote the role of arts education in the development of social responsibility, plurality, cultural and religious diversity, and intercultural dialogue.
  • arts education as the basis for a creative, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, and social development of children.
  • radically redefine the purpose of art education to transform the approach of art practitioners, teachers, students and policy makers.
  • affirm the human right to education and cultural participation and resituate this as a universal right for everyone including those who are often excluded from education, such as immigrants, minorities, women and the disabled.
  • the implementation of a compulsory integrated arts education programme in schools.
  • Training and sensitising the subject teachers and art teachers in schools with necessary skills to integrate arts into the teaching of other subjects.

Some of the themes which the seminar will address will include and not limited to

  1. the history of art education in India
  2. various approaches and perspectives on art education of the child
  3. official policies on art education
  4. artists and art education
  5. artist led pedagogic interventions
  6. contemporary debates on art education
  7. studies on important art education initiatives

The ultimate vision of the AER 2019 and the Annual Seminar is to create an inclusive platform for debate, discussion and deliberation to address and resolve the crisis in art education.  Join us in this journey to realise the vision for the implementation of universally accessible dynamic art education. This can be only achieved through a wide range of collaboration between individuals and organisations. Help us make this vision a reality.

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