We strive to ensure that our art programmes transform schools and students. Here’s what some leading educationists had to say.

It is important to nurture the ability to find fulfilment from walking in the rain, singing a song, cooking a simple meal, or making a birdhouse. Without a good foundation, one cannot build any superstructure; one may have a bed but be unable to sleep, one may race a car but not know the meaning of freedom - and hence schools must find ways of bringing in the arts into early education.

- Prof. Raja Mohanty, IIT, Mumbai

Art1st has added immense value to the existing Art Programme at TSMS. Children enjoy the creative freedom to explore, observe, express and experiment. Their creativity amazes us each day. Each child is unique and each of theirworks is no less than a masterpiece. The Art1st Programme instils in the children the confidence to express their thoughts and ideas through art. The various methods and techniques that are explored enable them to create magic while they learn. The art appreciation adds the little bit extra to the Programme The mentor's guidance, along with the workshops makes it possible to use the best teaching practices to unleash the creativity within each child.

- Uttara Singh, Principal, The Shriram Millennium School, Noida

We have been associated with Art1st since 2013. We have taken on their intensive Art Education Programme for primary classes in the Delhi Public Schools that we run. The value that Art1st adds to the visual arts programme is tremendous. Each member of their team—artist mentors, educationists, and art historian—is an expert in their field. The depth of research and understanding of child psychology applied in the development of the curriculum is unquestionable. They respect the creative and thinking potential of children, and intelligently engage students by encouraging them to observe, analyse and become powerful thinkers.

- Sanjiv Kumar, Secretary, Takshila Educational Society, New Delhi

Art is creation in any form. Originality in thinking and creativity are an integral part of education. Schools are the education providers and hence must focus on activities that enhance thinking skills and bring out the inherent creativity in the child. What better than art education? If planned systematically, art education can do wonders with the creativity and thinking of a child.

- Seema Buch, Principal, Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai

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