Primary School

Our five-year visual arts curriculum for primary school children is our flagship programme. At this stage, we start teaching art as a formal discipline. We aim to empower children to ponder over their connection with the world and express their interpretation of their physical and social environment. Students are introduced to a wide range of artworks, world culture, and poetry in art. They develop a strong visual arts foundation at the end of the five years.

Taught through Art1st’s the art book, the curriculum for each grade contains ten sequential lesson plans.Children are encouraged to observe, examine and understand key concepts and style. Attention to detail and perspective are emphasised. As children create their own work, they are guided to reflect on their ideas and motivations. Their visual literacy, self-confident expression, artistic style and critical appreciation are strengthened.

We offer two modules according to the needs of the school. In the first, we offer extensive hand-holding, training every four months, and a dedicated Master Artist to guide and mentor teachers. The second option is an annual training with access to regular feedback and an end-of-the-year review.

Our art services include setting up art libraries, art labs, and assisting with teacher placements.

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