Across the world, we see that art programmes in schools are neglected. They are considered extra-curricular skills, ancillary to the more serious business of academic learning, and are the first to face budget cuts.

At Art1st, we believe that an arts education is not a luxury. It is a pedagogical tool essential to facilitate creativity, adaptability, and social and personal transformation. In an ever-changing world where the future lies in innovation, children will be able to benefit only if we nurture this discipline today. And, of course, it is a lot of fun!

Our visual arts curriculum and teacher training programme aim at helping children become confident and progressive thinkers, who feel a deep sense of connection and purpose. Drawing inspiration from India’s rich visual arts tradition, we have created age-appropriate curriculum for pre-primary, primary, middle and senior school children. Each learning module is designed to incrementally develop children’s visual literacy and understanding. Imagination, reflection and free expression are encouraged. These creative and cognitive skills will enrich learning across all disciplines. Our AEP Brochure provides more information about our modules for different school levels.

We work with schools across India irrespective of their economic background. We offer subsidised trainings for educational NGOs and municipal schools. We have also translated Art1st curriculum books into regional languages.

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