How does our Art Studio programme impact the participants? Here is what some of them had to say:

Partner a Master programme is a vessel which took me on a journey of exploring the different parts of my mind. It has taught me to think out-of-the-box and forced me to apply my mind.

- Rehaan Kaul, JamnabaiNarsee school.

I will never forget that weird, seemingly happy moment of crushing our work of elephant grass with artist Asim Waqif into shreds- because after all, it does exist in my head-permanently. Asim made us realize that the only way to preserve the true beauty of a piece of art was in our memory.

- Noor Dhingra, Vasant Valley School, Delhi.

This kind of exposure a child gets nowhere. I got this kind of exposure because my parents were artists and I knew what kind of work happens in studios. Many of my friends in college had never been to an artists’ studio. They didn’t know why they were there. Most of them were in Art College because they were not good in their studies and they thought they would get a job somewhere after doing fine arts. This kind of exposure helps kids select the right stream for their career. When I went to college, I started painting but I thought I should have done applied arts but I didn’t know about it. So this kind of exposure is definitely needed.

- RuchinSoni, a contemporary artist, when asked how Partner a Master impacts children.

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