Art1st has produced films that introduce us to the lives and minds of Indian visual artists. A powerful visual art form in itself, films help us reach out to and connect with wide audiences in an immediate and visceral manner. This supports our larger goal of advocating the contribution of modern artists in India’s aesthetic, socio-cultural and political history.

Our role is that of a facilitator and collaborator in these projects. We brainstorm ideas and concepts, bring together a team of like-minded, dynamic artists and filmmakers, and organise funding. We are very proud to have been a part of three critically acclaimed films.

Chitrashala (2015)

Director:Amit Dutta

Producer:Amit Dutta and Ritu Khoda

This film is an imaginative exploration of miniature art. An old palace, now a museum, stands vacant and desolate. Yet it is home to some of the finest miniature paintings ever created in the Himalayan region. At night while everyone sleeps, the characters come alive and the action begins!

Spaces Between (2015)

Director:Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwagar

Creative Producer:Art1st

Producer:V.S. Kundu, Films Division.

This film is a poetic interpretation of artist Nikhil Chopra’s fifty-hour long performance, La Perle Noir II: Aspinwall. The film explores the artist’s mind as he is confined within the physical space of the exhibition. Images blend in and out of his various realities, blurring the lines between the artist as an individual and a performer.

Even Red Can Be Sad (2015)

Director:Amit Dutta

Producer:V.S. Kundu, Films Division

This film explores the work and life of the multi-faceted artist, Ram Kumar. Drawing from the stories and painting he created, the film moves between his past and present, his imagination and images. Considered one of India’s foremost abstract painters, this film is a portrait of this prolific and fascinating artist.

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