About Us

Art1st was established in 2009 with a vision to create and develop learning environments that nurture and strengthen imagination, visual literacy, creative skills and cultural awareness of children and educators. At Art1st, we think that art is a powerful medium through which we can understand ourselves and transform the world around us.

Our work draws inspiration from the abundant traditions of Indian visual art, be it is folk or fine art, photography or performance. It highlights the significant contribution that these arts have played in India’s aesthetic, socio-cultural and political history.

Contemporary artists, authors, designers, filmmakers, educators and historians from across the country serve as mentors and collaborators. Our work focuses on:

– Supporting schools and educators to implement a strong visual arts curriculum that we have developed independently
– Publishing children’s books on Indian art and artists
– Producing films that celebrate the journeys and perspectives of India’s contemporary artists
– Establishing studio workshops for children to learn first-hand from India’s established and emerging artists
– Organising public seminars and discussion forums on Indian visual art and artists

Our work continually promotes the joy and transformative nature of art.

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